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Fishing & Angling in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are synonymous with fish. Without this natural resource, one could argue that the first settlers would have found it incredibly difficult to settle on these remote North Atlantic islands. Faroe Islanders have fished for centuries, and fishing still plays an essential role in the community. You could say that fishing is what we do best, and we’re happy to have you join in!

Whether by boat or from shore, there are plenty of opportunities to fish in the Faroe Islands. With the ocean never further than 5 km away – no matter where you’re located – it is effortless to grab a rod and go fishing whenever you want.

The Faroe Islands have good fishing areas and sheltered fishing grounds away from strong winds, making it possible to fish most days regardless of wind direction. The two main types of fishing in the Faroe Islands are deep-sea fishing and fly fishing.

Fishing and angling in the Faroe Islands is unlike anything you have experienced before; the beautiful scenery and splendid tranquillity makes fishing a truly extraordinary experience.

Fishing & Angling – practical information

Anglers travelling to the Faroe Islands do not need a veterinary certificate on the cleaning and disinfection of their fishing equipment. But prior to arrival in the Faroe Islands, all equipment, including rods, reels, rubber waders, or lures, must be disinfec­ted in order to kill any fish-pathogens.

For further information please read Disinfection of Fishing Equipment.

Fishing permits are required and can be purchased at most Regional Information Centres. Regulations for fishing in the lochs are printed on the permit. Coastal fishing is gene­rally permitted, but please en­quire about local excep­tions.

Fishing tip

Make sure to check the Faroese weather forecast so you are able to choose the best fishing locations.

Types of fish to catch

Cod, Haddock, Flounder, Shark, Ling, Colefish, Halibut, Plaice, Catfish, Maceral, Monkfish, Whiting, Squid, Redfish, Herring, Pollock, among many others.

Did you know?

  • The money generated from fish farming and the exportation of fish accounts for approximately 20% of GDP in the Faroe Islands. The export of fish in general accounts for approximately 95%.

Where to buy fishing gear?

We have created a list with places in the Faroes where you can buy fishing gear.


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