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Heimablídni: Dine in the homes of the Faroese

Arguably the best way to really experience any culture is to integrate with the locals. And what better way to do this than over a delicious, traditional meal?

The Faroese phrase “heimablídni” translates directly as “home hospitality”, and all across the islands you can enjoy authentic and intimate dining experiences in people’s homes. In addition to being served traditional homemade Faroese food, you will also hear interesting stories that relate to that particular part of the country or village.

These underground restaurants, with rates sometimes as little as DKK 330 (approx. €45) per person, offer you the opportunity to sample new food, often dissimilar to the food usually served in restaurants, in personal environments that give you a proper taste of Faroese culture.

Sometimes a perfect stranger is the best dinner host.

Pronunciation of “Heimablídni”

Heimablídni is phonetically spelled as “hi-mɑ-blyd-ne”. Use this chart to hear the sounds for ɑ, y and e.


Heimablídni is offered on most islands. Some visits can be ordered by directly contacting people, while others must be ordered through local tourist offices, which are more than happy to assist. Below is a list of places where you can order heimablídni.

The following information should be perceived as guidelines and not as definitive policies. Most places are very flexible when it comes to scheduling visits. We therefore advise that you contact the respective places with your wishes, in order to get the most out of your visit.



Velbastaður – Heimablídni hjá Onnu og Óla

5-course meal, including homemade bread with sausage (Anna’s grandmother’s recipe), homemade rhubarb juice, and lamb – raised on their own farm – as the main course.

Minimum of 8 people or try their supper club held on specific dates during the summer. These supper clubs allow you to book as an individual – and who knows, you might end up enjoying the evening with fellow guests.

Price per person: DKK 975,-.

Contact: Anna Rubeksen at or call (+298) 216026.

Hoyvík – Heimablídni hjá Duritu og Fróða

Durita and Fróði serve an exciting menu with the special taste of fermented food, which called ræst in Faroese. Traditional dishes with a milder taste are also on the menu.

The couple, who live in the capital, Tórshavn, are happy to serve a dinner in their authentic Faroese home with a beautiful view. You will taste 8-10 different Faroese specialities, prepared by Durita and Fróði.

The starter is a plate with dry fish, dry whale, whale blubber, and dried lamb (skerpikjøt) with unleaved homemade bread, a Faroese schnapps and beer.

The main course is two of these: Whalebeef, ræst fish, ræst spare ribs of lamb, ræst meat and soup, “Grind, spik og eplir” which is whale meat, blubber, and potatoes. We also have a fish course with rice on the menu, so there is something for every taste.

You can book as an individual, a group or take part in their scheduled supper club, held on specific dates. Groups (up to 20 people) can choose if they want to be on their own.

Price per person: DKK 590

Contact: FaroeGuide, Durita Krosstind Gregersen,, tel. (+298) 266833.

Kirkjubøur – Kirkjubøgarður

This visit offers a variety of food and guided tour options.

Enjoy a comprehensive guide of Kirkjubøur, one of the country’s most important historical sites. Then experience the intriguing “Roykstovan”, one of the world’s oldest wooden houses, still being used as a home by the Patursson family who have lived there for 17 generations. Order a 3-course meal, or settle for coffee and/or dessert, and enjoy your food in this cosy and intimate home.

The 3-course meal includes a seafood appetizer, lamb as main course, and rhubarb trifle for dessert. The meat and rhubarbs are produced at the Patursson family’s farm.

Tour & dinner: minimum of 15 people

Price per person: DKK 825,-.

Tour & dessert: minimum of 10 people

Contact:, call (+298) 328089 or (+298) 218089.

Hvalvík – Niðristovugarður

Soup, bread with Faroese toppings (such as ‘skerpikjøt’, wind-dried fermented mutton), cake, coffee and tea is served at Niðristovugarður in Hvalvík.

Minimum of 4 people.

Soup with home-made bread with Faroese toppings: DKK 130,- per person
Coffee, tea and cake for an extra DKK 50,- per person.

Coffee, tea and cake without lunch/dinner: 75,- per person.

Contact: or call (+298) 585212.



Søldafirði – Garðahúsið

A variety of food options are available, such as coffee and cake, lunch or a 3-course dinner.  A garden visit and/or guided walks in surrounding mountains (which last approximately 3 hours) can also be organised.

Prices vary depending on what is arranged.

Visit must be ordered at least a day in advance.

Contact: Lena and Jákup Hansen at or call (+298) 442241 or (+298) 217841.



There are around 3 or 4 families in Nólsoy that offer heimablídni. Meals can be ordered by contacting Nólsoy’s tourist information at or by calling (+298) 527060.



Heimablídni is offered all year round upon request in Svínoy and Mikladalur. Contact Visit Norðoy for bookings and information.

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Heimablídni: Supper Club

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